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Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk (PFT) is a Liberal hack

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Mike Florio thinks he’s part of the “sports media” – grin! He’s actually a political hack for the Democratic party, pushing their Talking Points through the NBC Sports site ProFootballTalk (PFT). There’s not enough Politics in political media, so NBC wants to push it in sports media.

From Mike Florio’s – Now Griffin says he doesn’t try to draw penalties: Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III believes that his comments about trying to bait defenders into penalties for sideline hits were misconstrued.

This is the Washington REDSKINS QB so Mike feels the need to attack him, because NBC wants the Redskins to change their name…for political reasons. Mike takes this quote:

But here’s what Griffin said on Wednesday, with emphasis added: “I think I was trying to draw the penalty on [Lions defensive back] Rashean [Mathis] there and he’s a smart player. He didn’t hit me. Good for him, move on from that. . . . With Rashean, I kind of stopped well inside inbounds to try to get him to hit me and he didn’t. He said, ‘I’m not taking that penalty, Griff,’ and I said, ‘I got you, man.’”

Then, Mike says – Why can’t people own their statements? Well, maybe they’re just not owning up to Mike’s opinion of what they said/say…you know, like the “I think” above. Taking quotes, and inserting your opinion of what was said isn’t sports media reporting or even basic journalism, it’s opinion (or Liberal hacking in Mike Florio’s case here). It’s not racism against black athletes, because Mike Florio treats QB Josh Freeman totally different (some have said that Mike is friends with Freeman’s Agent and gets a ‘kickback‘ on positive reports).

Let’s keep Politics out of Sports!

Written by jseaberry

October 19, 2013 at 10:46 am

Mike Florio passing Judgment…Again!

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He use to be a reporter, now he’s a ‘Judge’. Once again, in Tampa, Mike Florio takes QB Freeman’s side against HC Schiano – Freeman hints at Buccaneer smear campaign:

Freeman says that, last year, he accidentally took Ritalin instead of Adderall, tested positive for Ritalin … Freeman doesn’t name names, but he’s necessarily referring to people in his workplace.  Given his recent issues with his head coach and given that these rumors and reports have arisen in the wake of those issues, it’s not all that hard to connect dots back Greg Schiano or someone acting on his behalf.

How does someone “accidentally” take Ritalin? Freeman has a “prescription for Adderall,” so where did the Ritalin that he “accidentally” took come from?

This isn’t reporting – on Mike Florio’s part – and HC Schiano should sue him and NBC Sports.

Written by jseaberry

October 1, 2013 at 10:11 am

Mike Florio and the Redskins

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Mike Florio beats this ‘Dead Horse’ for the Democratic party at least once a week. One might think that ProFootballTalk (PFT) was a site about Pro Football, but they would be right only about 50% of the time…the other 50% is about Liberal political issues. Here’s another post pushing a name change for the Washington Redskins – Redskins name issue invades Virginia gubernatorial debate. No need to quote from it, since it contains the same Democratic party ‘Talking Points’ as usual.

Hey, Mike Florio, have you seen this?

Redskins: Little support for changing names

Most Americans don’t think the Redskins should change their name and people generally don’t think that the name is offensive.
… The latest YouGov research shows that when people were asked if they think the Washington Redskins should change their name, the majority said no (61%). 17% of Americans said that they should change their name only if other teams like the Atlanta Braves and the Kansas City Chiefs did so too.

Let’s keep Politics out of Sports!

Written by jseaberry

September 26, 2013 at 10:37 am

Is Mike Florio (of PFT) ever right?

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Mike Florio has been bashing Tampa Buccaneers HC Greg Schiano for months now (at least), basically siding with QB Josh Freeman, and now he writes – Freeman is available, but who’ll want him?

snip…For the same reasons Freeman couldn’t remain the starter in Tampa, no one else will want to install him, either. He has been uneven and erratic, and real questions have emerged about his commitment to the game.

Mike Florio must be half fish, i.e. he certainly Flips and Flops like a recently landed mullet on dry land. Suddenly, Mike is admitting that QB Freeman probably isn’t an NFL caliber QB. He actually gets paid to write totally wrong stories, and then later (after it’s proven he’s been wrong) reverses his story line…perhaps ProFootballTalk (PFT) needs to change it’s name to ProFootballFiction.

Written by jseaberry

September 26, 2013 at 12:47 am

Mike Florio Backpedaling…AGAIN!

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Mike Florio doesn’t report, he takes sides. Recently, he has sided with Tampa’s QB Josh Freeman against HC Greg Schiano…in an attempt to place most of the blame on HC Greg Schiano. The slanted Bucs players not happy with Schiano post ignores the fact that QB Freeman is a terrible QB (Trend Spotting: Freeman’s Fall in Tampa), and focuses mainly on … on … well, on questionable sources and rumors.

Then, Mike Florio jumps on the bandwagon about cornerback Darrelle Revis not being happy with HC Greg Schiano. This isn’t Sports Reporting, it’s typical Gov’t reporters throwing out slanted headlines (which usually favor the Democratic party), and then hiding the truth much later in the article…if the truth is there at all.

Now we have this: Revis, Schiano meet 15 minutes to “clear [the] air” Mike Florio’s True Colors come out in this post! Shifting the blame of his own terrible reporting to cornerback Darrelle Revis, instead of retracting his lies and slanted so-called reporting.

The backpedaling from Bucs cornerback Darrelle Revis is taking place both publicly and behind closed doors.

Mike starts his own backpedaling from the start…

Revis took to Twitter to refute, sort of, the report that he’s frustrated with coach Greg Schiano — even if the message from Revis didn’t specifically mention Schiano or address the notion that Revis doesn’t like Schiano’s disciplinarian ways.

Mike now has his foot stuck in his own mouth, i.e. “even if the message from Revis didn’t specifically mention Schiano or address the notion” … That statement is akin to Clinton’s “I didn’t have sex with that woman!” Basically, Mike lied and is now backpedaling frantically.

Revis and Schiano also had a 15-minute meeting on Tuesday to “clear [the] air.”  Per Kremer, Revis claims he has no issues with the head coach … That seems like a fairly long meeting to clear air that had no smoke.

Yes, Mike, 15-minutes is a long long LOOONNNG time if you happen to be chained to a 100 pound concrete block whilst underwater. Maybe they were just discussing what a lying Sports Reporter Mike Florio is, without realizing that you are just another Gov’t reporter working for the Democratic party’s NBC network.

Written by jseaberry

September 18, 2013 at 12:56 pm

ProFootballTalk (PFT), Mike Florio & the Democratic Party

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I’ve created a new Category here at the Fantasy Football Fanatic blog, in order to cover many of Mike Florio’s posts at ProFootBallTalk (PFT) – i.e. Political Football.

Why does a Pro Football and/or Fantasy Football site like ProFootBallTalk (PFT) need to push Democratic Party ‘Talking Points’ so often? I don’t know, which is why I’ve created the Political Football Category here at the Fantasy Football Fanatic blog.

The Washington Redskins NFL Football team has been called the Redskins since around 1933 – i.e. for some 80 years. Now, Democratic Party activists, like Mike Florio (if he’s not, he should be!), demand that they change the name…over and over and over again and again. I don’t know how many posts ProFootBallTalk (PFT) has on the subject of ‘Name Change’, but it’s more than a few. Let’s put it this way – Democratic Party activists get positive coverage on the subject, and the Washington Redskins get negative coverage. BTW, their original name was the Boston Braves. Braves is probably Politically Incorrect now, so the Atlanta Braves best get ready for Democratic Party activists and negative news/posts from ProFootBallTalk (PFT).

Let’s keep Politics out of Sports!

Written by jseaberry

September 15, 2013 at 12:57 pm


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